19 Baby Yogurt Recipes To Make The Most Of Your Little Tot

Whether it’s a scoop in the morning or a little on the side at dinner, these 19 baby yogurt recipes are easy to whip up! Your little one will love all of these fun combinations and fill their bellies with good, nutritious ingredients. Look!

1. Plain Fruit Yogurt

Simple fruit yogurt recipe

Food 52 starts us off with a simple fruit yogurt recipe that we can keep for regular use. Check it out after the jump!

2. Apple & Sweet Potato Yogurt

Copycat apple and sweet potato baby yogurt

Gene Mommy if there is a combo of smooth apple and sweet potato that the kids will devour right away. This is the perfect kind of afternoon meal.

3. Cantaloupe, Banana & Chia Seed Yogurt

Cantaloupe banana yogurt with chia seeds

At Baby Foode you will find some fun combinations that are fun and tasty for your baby to try. Just look at this cantaloupe, banana and chia seed creation for example!

4. Pumpkin & Prunes Yogurt

Pumpkin yogurt and prunes recipe

Pumpkin and prune yogurt will keep smooth and taste great too! Go to Baby Foode and check the details now.

5. Overnight Oats with Yogurt

Baby overnight oats with yogurt

360 Family Nutrition goes the overnight oats route. Satisfying and adding extra nutrients, we love mixing our yogurt with our oats!

6. Drink Yogurt

Yogurt drink recipe

Courtney’s Sweets has a fun little recipe for a yogurt drink that babies and toddlers will enjoy. Breakfast or snack time just got easier.

7. Cherry & Mint Greek Yogurt

Cherry and mint greek yogurt

Baby Foode gives us another amazing recipe that tastes great. Introduce your child to new flavors by giving them cherry mint yogurt this afternoon!

8. Melted Yogurt

Homemade baby yogurt melts

Smart School House got a little creative with their yogurt recipe. Learn how to make some homemade yogurt melts today!

9. Pear & Banana Yogurt

Pear banana home made baby food puree small

Pears and bananas are a great pair. Just add a little yogurt to the mix. And thanks Little Mashies for the idea!

10. Banana, Blueberry & Avocado Yogurt

5 minutes+banana+blueberry+avocado+baby+food+puree

Baby Foode hit us with a combination of banana, blueberry and avocado! This bowl is packed with deliciousness and nutrition in every bite!

11. Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Healthy strawberry frozen yogurt

Just A Taste freezes their yogurt! For a good treat in the evenings or during hot summer days, make a dessert that is healthier for the baby.

12. Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Strawberry banana smoothie

Eating On A Dime makes strawberry banana yogurt smoothies for kids. Get the recipe after the jump.

13. Peanut Butter & Banana Yogurt Pops

Peanut butter and banana yogurt pops 3

Home Cooking Memories makes a dessert out of all the great ingredients too! Peanut butter and banana yogurt popsicles sound like a delicious summer treat and great for kids too!

14. Berry Yogurt Cake

Yogurt baby cake recipe

You can even make a cake with some yogurt that you can eat. Check it out at Baby Food.

15. Cherry, Squash & Almond Milk Yogurt

Cherry squash almond milk yogurt

Project Nursery adds some greens to this sweet mix. Hop on over and get the recipe for this cherry and squash yogurt.

16. Yogurt Ranch Dip

Yogurt ranch dip recipe

Baby Foode has found a way to get your babies to start eating more vegetables. And that’s by serving them with this yogurt ranch dip.

17. Chocolate Banana Frozen Yogurt Bark

Chocolate banana frozen yogurt bark 03

We want to try this for our adults! Learn how to make banana chocolate yogurt skin on My Fussy Eater.

18. Avocado & Blueberry Yogurt Smoothie

Avocado blueberry smoothie for kids and kids breakfast recipe

The Lemon Bowl takes avocados and blueberries and turns them into a nutritious smoothie! These snacks are perfect for little kids who don’t eat well.

19. Whipped Squash with Yogurt

Whipped squash with yogurt

You can even pack vegetables and feed them to your baby more easily with this recipe! Pumpkin and yogurt are amazing together. (through)

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