15 DIY Holiday Gifts Made with Essential Oils

Like most DIY enthusiasts, we are often tempted to give our closest family and friends DIY gifts that we have spent time and care creating. Since we know that many of them are health and beauty enthusiasts, we want to stick to natural home products that will help our loved ones relax on their vacation. We always check them first for allergies, but the gifts are always a hit. That’s the power of beautiful smelling essential oils!

Check out our top 15 favorite natural DIY holiday themed ideas made with essential oils for gloriously scented Christmas gifts.

1. DIY lavender linen spray

Diy lavender linen spray

Highly recommend making a light, pleasant smelling linen spray from lavender, which has been proven to have calming, relaxing effects on those who smell it. Teach your loved ones to lightly spray their sheets or pillows before they crawl into bed to have the most restful sleep possible this holiday season!

2. Thief Spray

Thief spray

Thieves’ spray is an ancient blend of herbs, including garlic, cloves, and rosemary. For hundreds of years, it has been believed to have some of the most effective disinfecting and sanitizing abilities around. So much so, in fact, that essential oil distributors have created a form of oil blend with herbs to facilitate that power for use in your own home products. Mom naturally guides you through the process of turning the oil into a spray that will help your loved ones stay healthy this holiday season by allowing them to clean things like airplane seats and other public no-nonsense items. It has an alcohol smell that can harm the skin and a strong smell.

3. All natural smoothing hair serum

All natural hair straightening serum

Among its many powers, lavender oil has the power to tame frizzy hair and flyaways! Store-bought hair serums can do that too, but they’re much oilier than homemade ones and some brands have harmful filler products that can irritate the scalp of people with very sensitive skin. skin As long as you check them for allergies first, your loved ones should be able to use this natural hair serum recipe from Body Free without any problems!

4. DIY all purpose healing salve

Diy all purpose healing salve

Sometimes people encounter scratches, pains, and small health issues that have no real cure and that we have to ride while we wait for recovery. You can help your loved ones during this process, however, by giving them a natural homemade organic all-purpose healing salve! A Good Thing shows you how to make one with disinfectant properties so your little scratches and scrapes stay clean and your skin stays as healthy as possible.

5. DIY mint sugar body scrub

Diy mint sugar body scrub

Peppermint oil is an amazing thing because it has antibacterial properties and it smells so good! On top of that, it makes the perfect ingredient for natural DIY holiday gifts because the fresh scent will remind you of classic Christmas peppermint items like candy canes. See how Love Grows Wild created this beautiful peppermint sugar body scrub that will help the person you give it to keep their skin soft and exfoliated through the winter months.

6. Homemade coconut lavender face exfoliate

The homemade coconut lavender exfoliant for the face

Do you like the idea of ​​a natural DIY exfoliate but you’re not sure that the person you’re giving the gift to will use a full body scrub because their main concern is their facial skin? Then make them a sugar scrub for them FACE instead! Pins and Procrastination using lavender oil because it is fragrant, antibacterial, and the smell is very calming. It’s the perfect thing for washing your face before bed.

7. Muscle pain bath soak

Sore muscles in the bath soak

Do you have a friend or relative who is an active gym goer or athlete and often feels the effects on their body? Help them relax after a training session or rehearsal by giving them a natural DIY muscle soak! Recipes With Essential Oils shows you how to create a delicious combination that will relax and soothe sore muscles while your loved one takes a warm, meditative bath.

8. Grapefruit cellulite scrub

Grapefruit cellulite scrub

Has your best friend confessed that she feels self-conscious about certain parts of her body and how the skin looks? Of course, we always want to reassure our friends that they look beautiful, but we’re also not against helping them boost their body confidence. Hello Glow suggests creating a fresh-smelling natural scrub that will stimulate the skin and help break up cellulite.

9. DIY essential oil perfume

DIY essential oil perfume

Maybe you know someone who likes to smell pleasant or even floral, but who works in a place that asks them to be thoughtful and conservative when it comes to wearing artificial scents? Maybe your friend is the one who is sensitive to strong odors themselves? Then they might be luckier with an essential oil-based perfume with a more subtle and natural scent. Vegan Beauty Review shows you how to make a DIY perfume and gives you advice for choosing a good scent.

10. DIY essential oil musk cologne

Diy essential oil musk cologne

Did everything we said above appeal to you by making you immediately think of someone you know, but that person is someone who prefers something richer, more fragrant than lavender oil? Then you might be more interested in the deeper but still subtle smelling natural recipes found at Little Miss Dextrous!

11. Homemade lavender shaving cream

Homemade lavender shaving cream

Do you know someone who constantly struggles with razor burn if they don’t use an actual shaving cream rather than soap, but who can’t find one in the stores that’s a little gentler on their skin? Then a natural homemade shaving cream scented with essential oils is definitely the best gift for them! This will take care of their skin while they get the results they want. Check out Homemade Mommy’s recipe.

12. Lavender coconut aloe vera soothing shave gel

Lavender coconut aloe verta soothing shave gel

Maybe the friend we mentioned earlier who struggles with razor burn would definitely benefit from a natural DIY solution but they don’t like the feel of shaving foam? Try making them a shave gel instead! You show your Brew My Tea how it works with coconut oil, aloe vera, and lavender.

13. Naturally healing DIY aftershave spray

Naturally healing diy aftershave spray

Maybe you want to give the same person we mentioned above something else to make their shaving experience truly relaxing and worry-free? Then a soothing aftershave is definitely the way to go! This recipe by Scratch Mommy is designed to calm and cool the skin after contact with the razor, keeping it clean and free of irritation thanks to antibacterial essential oils.

14. Natural belly butter for expectant moms

Natural belly butter for expectant moms

It’s always important to keep your skin hydrated, supple, and healthy in the winter, but that’s especially true for an expecting mom with a popping belly! Stretch marks are nothing to be ashamed of, but the way the skin stretches during pregnancy can leave some skin feeling dry and irritated, so help them soothe that with a smooth, soothing belly butter cream which is made of all natural non-toxic ingredients. them or Baby any damage. We are big fans of this recipe from Mama Natural because it has a pleasant yet subtle, somewhat neutral scent.

15. Homemade sleepy time spray

The homemade sleepy time spray

Are you looking for a version of the linen spray that is more aimed at helping someone fall asleep than just soothing them into a state of calm before they sleep? Then this lavender and magnesium spray by Butter Nutrition is exactly what you need. We’ve already talked about the wonderful health benefits of lavender, but adding magnesium means you’re creating an oil combination that’s proven to help people find calm and sleep through migraines, anxiety and panic attacks, and even depression. This gift is more discreet than it appears on the first site!

Do you have another favorite essential oil recipe that you always make as a gift for your loved ones? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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