25 Healthy Vegetable Smoothies

Sometimes it’s hard to get the recommended daily serving of vegetables during our busy lives, but there are ways to sneak them in while you’re traveling. Vegetable smoothies can be made ahead of time, and eaten during your commute – making them a great way to add more nutrition to your diet. Read on for 25 of our favorite healthy vegetable smoothie recipes.

1. Green Machine Smoothie

5 green smoothie machine

This delicious looking smoothie has spinach, which gives it its green color… but it also has lots of healthy fruits to sweeten it up and make it even more delicious. Head over to The PKP Way to learn how to make this delicious (and healthy!) mixture.

2. Carrot, Pineapple & Turmeric Smoothie

4 carrot smoothies

This one has a beautiful color, and is sure to taste as good as it looks thanks to the unique combination of ingredients. Carrots give it its orange color, while pineapple, turmeric, orange juice and even apple cider vinegar add health benefits. See the recipe here.

3. Plum and Persimmon Green Smoothie

2 green smoothie plum persimmon

This green smoothie is loaded with spinach and kale, which qualifies it as “green,” but it also has a number of fun ingredients to sweeten it up including plum, persimmon, orange, ginger and more. Check out the recipe at Quinn’s Place.

4. Tropical Carrot Smoothie

3 tropical carrot smoothies

This one looks more like a cocktail than a smoothie, but in fact, it’s full of all kinds of nutrients and healthy things. Topping the list are carrots, coconut water, strawberries and mangoes. Read the full post and recipe on The Chunky Chef.

5. The Princess & The Frog Smoothie

1 princess and frog smoothie

This drink has two layers, giving it a fun look and a mix of different flavors. The top layer has mixed berries and greek yogurt, while the bottom has avocado, spinach, green tea and various other ingredients. Get the full Natural Fit Foodie tutorial.

6. Bright Green Smoothie

6 green smoothie recipes kale

This vibrant green smoothie has lots of great ingredients packed inside, including kale, cucumber and celery. A little apple sweetens it up. Go to A Bubbly Life to see the recipe and more fun photos.

7. Dairy-Free Carrot Mango Smoothie

8 carrot mango smoothie

It is made with carrots, mangoes and bananas, along with many other spices that make it delicious (and super healthy). And it’s dairy free for those of us who are lactose intolerant! Head over to Runnin Srilankan to learn how to make this smoothie.

8. Detoxifying Smoothie

7 ginger berry beet smoothie

The bright, saturated pink color of this smoothie comes from beets and raspberries, while a whole host of other superfoods and healthy ingredients will make you feel good. Head over to Honestly Nourished to learn how you can make it yourself.

9. Kale Spinach Smoothie

10 kale spinach smoothies

Here’s another nutrient-dense one, this time starting with lots of kale and spinach and ending with a few different kinds of fruit. Head over to Vegan Family Recipes to learn how to mix up this healthy green smoothie.

10. Green Detox Juice

9 green detox juices

This bold green drink is full of spinach, cucumber and even green pepper, giving it detox properties and a beautiful green color. Apples and ginger lend an extra sweet flavor. See the recipe at 1001 Voyages Gourmands.

11. Beet Strawberry Smoothie

11 beet strawberry smoothies

This colorful combination of beets and strawberries is excellent for disease prevention thanks to the antioxidants in both. And delicious too! Head over to Salu Salo Recipes to learn how to mix up this delicious pink smoothie.

12. Butternut Squash Smoothie

Olympus digital camera

This bright orange smoothie is made from butternut squash, milk, dates, maple syrup and a variety of flavorful spices that create a delicious drink that’s perfect for a chilly night when you need extra nutrition. Check out the Happy Healthy Mama recipe.

13. Refreshing Green Smoothie

14 refreshing green smoothies

Here’s another nice bright smoothie, this time made with romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber and a couple of different types of fruit for sweetness. Head over to The Conscientious Eater to learn how you can mix this green concoction yourself.

14. Chocolate Covered Cherry Green Smoothie

15 chocolate cherry green smoothie

It sounds like a dessert, but it contains many healthy nutrients and antioxidants as well as spinach, cherries, cinnamon and chocolate. Yum! Head over to Bijoux and Bits to learn how to make this delicious treat for yourself.

15. Carrot Cilantro Smoothie

13 satisfying smoothie recipes

This delicious looking smoothie is jam packed with beta carotene and many other vitamins, making it a great smoothie to start your day with. Head over to Eat Well 101 to learn how to mix up one of these carrot cilantro smoothies for yourself.

16. Pack-A-Punch Blueberry Smoothie

17 pack a punch smoothie

It’s a fitting name – it’s got some serious nutrients packed into it including blueberries of course, bananas, flaxseed, almond milk and spinach. Go to Photos and Food to find out how you can mix this purple treat yourself.

17. Power Peach Mango Smoothie

20 power peach mango smoothie

This bright orange drink has peaches and mangoes as the name suggests, but also lots of carrots for beta carotene and some almond milk to give it a slightly creamy taste. Head over to My Sequined Life to learn how to mix this brilliant drink at home.

18. Broccoli Green Smoothie

19 green broccoli smoothie

Broccoli is one of those super tasty vegetables that some may not like very well… so this is a great alternative! This smoothie has broccoli, celery, banana, parsley and basil. Head over to Glamorous Bite to check out the full recipe.

19. Blueberry and Spinach Smoothie

18 blueberry spinach smoothie

Although this drink has a rather purplish color, it secretly hides spinach inside. Learn how to combine blueberries with other healthy ingredients to get your kids (or yourself!) all the nutrients they need. Read all about it on Less Than Perfect Parents.

20. Carrot, Tomato and Red Pepper Smoothie

16 red pepper carrot smoothie

This amazing bright red smoothie is jam packed with all kinds of delicious vegetables including carrots, tomatoes and red peppers, and it also has goji berries for a little sweetness. Head over to Jagruti’s Cooking Odyssey to learn how to make your own.

21. Berry and Cauliflower Smoothie

25 cauliflower berry smoothie vegetables

This delicious looking smoothie has an amazing ingredient hidden inside… cauliflower! It gives a little creaminess and pairs well with other vegetables – avocado! Head over to Simple Roots Wellness to learn how to make your own cauliflower smoothie.

22. Leafy Greens and Avocado Probiotic Smoothie

22 probiotic raw cacao smoothie

This creamy green smoothie is full of all kinds of healthy things including kale, avocado, dates and cacao nibs. A little probiotic powder can help improve gut health. Head over to Healthy Yummies to learn how to make this amazing smoothie.

23. Purple Power Smoothie

23 purple power smoothie

This pretty pink drink has some powerful ingredients hidden inside, including a whole host of fruits and vegetables, flax seeds, chia seeds and more. Head over to Running To The Kitchen to learn how to make this delicious smoothie.

24. Avocado Date Smoothie

21 avocado date smoothie

This thick, delicious looking smoothie has all kinds of healthy ingredients including spinach, fresh orange juice and of course avocado and dates. Head over to Garlic My Soul to learn how to make your own healthy avocado and date smoothie.

25. Blueberry Beet Smoothie

24 blueberry beet smoothie

And last but not least, this gorgeous magenta colored smoothie – it’s made from blueberries, beets, bananas and greek yogurt. What’s better than a drug that’s actually good for you?! See the full recipe on the Homemade Nutrition blog.

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