How to Make Perfume: 25 Easy DIYs

Do you love wearing perfume, but hate the chemicals involved? Or maybe you get a headache every time you wear store-bought perfume? Or maybe you want to mix your own unique scents? Whatever the reason, there are many ways to mix your own natural fragrances. Learn how to make perfume using 25 of our favorite recipes.

1. DIY Sea Spray

Sea spray for hair and body

This spray smells like the sea, with a hint of green tea fragrance. Mix the tea with epsom salt, aloe vera and essential oils to get a beautiful body spray that will make you feel like you’re at the beach. Head over to Hello Glow to check out the full tutorial.

2. All Natural Solid Perfume

All natural solid perfume DIY

This all natural perfume is made with organic ingredients that won’t harm your skin, and can be customized to your liking. And it turns solid when it cools to room temperature, so you can take one with you wherever you go. See My Life At Playtime instructions.

3. Hair Perfume

Diy hair fall perfume

Did you know that you can also wear perfume in your hair? This beautiful blend of lemongrass and clary sage makes for a beautiful scent for your locks. And it’s made with a base of filtered water… what could be easier than that? See directions here.

4. Vanilla Woods Body Spray

Diy orange body spray

The body spray has a lighter scent, perfect for days when you want a subtle fragrance that won’t startle people when you walk into a room. This particular one has soothing notes of vanilla, along with sandalwood. Head over to Poor & Pretty to check it out.

5. Lavender Lemonade Body Spray

Summer body splash

Here’s another body spray, this time with a citrusy aroma thanks to lemon essential oil, while lavender and sandalwood add base notes to round out the scent. Head over to Hello Glow to learn how you can make this delicious body spray yourself.

6. DIY Roll-On Perfume

Easy DIY roll on perfume

This tutorial will show you how to make a handy roll-on style perfume, made with sweet almond oil and a variety of essential oils. This particular one includes ylang ylang, lavender, cypress, blue yarrow and sweet orange. See the full post on Hotel Wilderness.

7. Grapefruit and Peppermint Perfume

Grapefruit peppermint perfume diy

This citrusy fragrance is a unique blend of grapefruit and vanilla, with a minty finish achieved with peppermint essential oil. It is also made with a vodka base! Head over to A Beautiful Mess to learn how to recreate this beautiful fragrance.

8. Essential Oil Fragrance

Essential oil perfume

This blog post shares a clever recipe that shows you how to blend perfume using base notes, middle notes and top notes. This is a great way to blend a balanced blend of essential oils. Head over to Young Living to find out all the details on this project.

9. Homemade Perfumed Vanilla Oil

Home fragrance oil of vanilla

This article shares how to mix vanilla seeds with oils to create a warm, inviting, musky fragrance. Start with alcohol (they recommend vodka) and let the vanilla beans soak in the vodka for 2-3 months. Find out the rest of the details on Jillian In Italy.

10. Patchouli-Tangerine Solid Perfume

Patchouli tangerine solid perfume

This solid perfume recipe has notes of patchouli, tangerine and jojoba and it is made solid so you can just swipe the perfume on your finger and then on your wrists. And you can easily travel with it too. Check out Fresh Picked Beauty to find out all the details.

11. Botanical Cologne

Botanical cologne tutorial

This cologne is made with a variety of different botanical elements, including things that link lavender and vanilla beans. The first recipe is for a vanilla rose cologne, and the second is an orange mint. Make your way here to find out all the details.

12. Cucumber Green Tea Body Spray

Cucumber green tea body spray

Give yourself a refreshing boost with this beautiful body spray made with real cucumber, green tea, aloe vera gel and peppermint essential oil. It’s great for hot summer days when you need a pick-me-up. Check out the full recipe right here.

13. House Jasmine Perfume

Fragrance ingredients Jasmine

Jasmine is a unique scent that makes for a beautiful base for perfume. Just add it to a mixture of vodka and water with some lavender and vanilla essential oils, and you’re good to go. Head over to Oh The Lovely Things to learn more.

14. Himalayan Salt Spray

Himalayan sea salt body spray

Himalayan salt is known for its essential minerals and its ability to nourish your skin, so it’s the perfect ingredient for a body spray. It also includes vodka, vanilla essential oil and water. Head over to The Chic Site to check out the instructions.

15. California Citrus Sunshine Spray

California sunshine perfume

If you’re a fan of warm weather (who isn’t?!) then you’re sure to love this amazing body spray that will make you think of warm sunny California days. Start with jojoba oil, then add vodka and several different essential oils to the mix. Get the recipe here.

16. Dried Flower Solid Perfume

Processed in vsco with c1 preset

These beautiful solid perfumes have beautiful fragments of dried flowers preserved in the center of each one, creating a perfume that is visually appealing as well as beautifully scented. Head over to Recreational Witchcraft to find out all the details.

17. Solid Perfume In An Eos Container

Solid perfume in eos container

You know those round Eos lip balms that everyone has been addicted to for the past couple of years? Well they can be upcycled into the ideal container for solid perfume! Head over to Elle Sees to learn how to make your own Eos solid perfume.

18. Dry Oil Perfume

Dry oil perfume spray recipe

This dry oil fragrance is perfect for those of us who have dry skin, but don’t like the feeling of super greasy moisturizers and skin products. It is made with cyclomethicone, along with a carrier oil and some essential oils. Find out all about it at Everything Pretty.

19. Kid Made Lavender Herb Spray

Child making lavender herb perfume

Here’s a great project for kids… help them get started making natural beauty products with this beautiful lavender herb perfume for mom on Mother’s Day (or any day of the year!). Go to Hello, Nice to see the recipe.

20. Natural Rose Perfume

Natural rose perfume

Next, we have a beautiful red rose perfume made with actual rose petals. Not only does it smell incredible, but the perfume also takes on some pretty red color. Head over to Beautylish to learn how you can recreate this rose scent yourself.

21. DIY Solid Perfume Sticks

DIY solid perfume sticks

Instead of putting solid perfume in a metal can, why not consider putting it in lip balm containers to make perfumes? It’s the perfect item to throw in your purse or gym bag. Head over to New Leaf Wellness to check out the details.

22. Orange Spice Cologne

Orange spice cologne

For something a little moodier, try this fun combination called “orange spice.” It is made with orange zest, cinnamon, cardamom, and other winter spices. Head over to Mountain Rose Herbs to learn how you can recreate this orange spice cologne.

23. Sweet Orange Rose Perfume

Sweet orange and rose perfume

Here’s another way to make orange-scented perfume, this time combining it with rose for an alternative flower. Start with rose petals, dried orange peel and some essential oils. Go to The Herbal Academy to check out the recipe.

24. Lemon Lavender Roll-On

Lavender lemon roll in perfume

This roll-on style perfume is made with lemon and lavender, which makes for a lovely citrusy fragrance with floral notes. Almond oil is used for the base, and then the essential oil provides the fragrance. See all the details on She Uncovered.

25. Honeysuckle Solid Perfume

Pointing to the solid perfume of honeysuckle

This relatively solid perfume has a beautiful pink color, thanks to something called rose gold mica. You can increase the ratio depending on the amount of color and shimmer you want. Head over to Soap Queen to find out all the details about this tutorial.

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