Amazing 4th of July Food Ideas

The Fourth of July is almost here and, if we’re being completely honest with you, one of our favorite parts of any Independence Day celebration is the food! Everyone always features the most delicious appetizers and desserts and it inspires us to try new things, look for themed recipes, and choose the classics that we know everyone loves. to bring to any party or barbecue we plan to attend. This year, we’re committed to bringing savory rather than sweet things, so that’s what we’re keeping our eyes peeled for!

1. Fruit and cream cheese finger sandwiches

Fruit and cream cheese finger sandwiches

We know we just said we mainly concentrate on delicious recipes and this one is a little sweet, but it’s more of a snack style meal than a dessert, that’s why we say it’s still important! If your favorite type of appetizer is always finger sandwiches, check out how Family Food on The Table made these fruit and cream cheese finger sandwiches using blueberries and strawberries to follow a patriotic red, white, and blue theme!

2. Red, white, and blue deviled eggs

Red, white, and blue devilled eggs

Maybe you like the idea of ​​following a patriotic color scheme but are you also the kind of person who knows that people love BBQ classics and that’s the kind of thing you want to serve? Then we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Diane made these delicious deviled eggs but used natural food coloring to make some eggs blue and red!

3. Parmesan tots with dipping sauce

Parmesan tots with dipping sauce

Another total BBQ classic that we just can’t get enough of is tater tots, but just because we like something in its traditional form doesn’t mean we’re not willing to try it with a twist too! We actually tried these delicious parmesan tots with homemade dipping sauce, outlined in the Country Living step-by-step, and they were the first thing to go completely off the BBQ!

4. Cheese and onion dip with red peppers, blue tortilla chips, and pita stars

Cheese and onion dip with red peppers, blue tortilla chips, and pita stars

Maybe we got your attention with the idea of ​​making some kind of color themed dish but you prefer something more salty than the sandwiches we showed you before? In that case, we are Really Suggest you check out how Pizzazzerie makes this cheese and onion dip with red peppers, blue tortilla chips, and crunchy pita stars!

5. Parmesan cheddar basil stars

Parmesan cheddar basil stars

If you have never tried baking and eating homemade cheddar tea biscuits then we are here to tell you that you are missing out! We love this particular recipe from Mama Foodie not only because of its wonderful parmesan, cheddar, and basil flavors but also because of the way they show you how to make it in the shape of a star, which is perfect for Independence Day!

6. Italian potato wedge nachos

Italian potato wedge nachos

Maybe you are usually the biggest fan of a patriotic BBQ is nachos but are you still convinced that making something more unique and unconventional is more in your interest than the classic kind with tortilla chips? Well, if you are also a potato lover, then we are absolutely Suggest watching how Country Living makes these delicious Italian potato wedge nachos topped with basil, mozzarella cheese, and diced tomatoes!

7. Watermelon feta mint skewers

Watermelon feta mint skewers

Did we really get your attention with all these talks on the different types of cheeses that each of these recipes is related to at the moment, but you are also interested in the idea of ​​​​fruit and cheese in an appetizer, although you are not. Do you think fruity finger sandwiches are the best idea for you? In that case, we think you are simple NEED check out how Bites of Bri made these delicious watermelon feta mint skewers!

8. Patriotic popcorn

Patriotic popcorn

If you’re going to make a snack for people to eat and snack on throughout the night, would you rather make something sweet and salty in a smaller size? Well, if you happen to be a popcorn lover, then we think this delicious patriotic popcorn made with dried berries by Family Food on The Table will be right up your alley!

9. Oven avocado fries

Oven avocado fries

Are you a big French fry fan but looking for something healthier or don’t think the classic potato fries will hold up when you put them on a Fourth of July BBQ? Well, avocado lovers rejoice, because Country Living has the recipe for you! Take a close look at their tutorial to see how these oven avocado fries are made in more detail.

10. Red, white, and blue cheese sliders

Red, white, and blue cheese sliders

Are you intrigued by the idea of ​​following a patriotic red, white, and blue theme for your Fourth of July snack but open to getting a little creative with the basic concept? In that case, especially if you’re a burger fan, we think you’ll get a kick out of Lauren’s Latest making these mouthwatering sliders with red strawberries, white garlic sauce, and blue cheese! Certainly, cheese is not to be honest blue, but we’re sure you’ll get our drift.

11. Red, white, and blue blueberry, strawberry, and jicama salsa

Red, white, and blue blueberries, strawberries, and jiacma salsa

Have we really caught your attention with all this talk about nacho chips and the delicious things you can put them in but you still haven’t seen the specific idea that you feel decided on? In that case, especially if the combination of fruit and salty or savory things appeals to you, we like it Really Suggest watching how Two Peas and Their Pod turned this blueberry, strawberry, and jicama salsa into one of the tastiest appetizers we’ve ever tried.

12. American flag vegetable tray

American flag vegetable tray

Are you really rushing the 4th of July weekend because you promised to be in several places that same weekend but you want to do something delicious that is a little patriotic? In that case, you might be the perfect person to give this vegetable tray carefully arranged by vegetable type by color test! See how this is done in more detail at Living Locurto.

13. Blueberry caprese salad

Blueberry caprese salad

Perhaps the most interesting idea that we have put on the list so far is the Italian potato nachos that we told you about earlier, but what if you are looking for something much healthier than that recipe that we gave you? In that case, we are absolutely Suggest watching how Love & Olive Oil makes this blueberry caprese salad! You get the wonderful flavors of tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella, but this time with a sweet berry twist.

14. Hawaiian barbecue chicken meatballs

Hawaiian barbecue chicken meatballs

Do you know that there are many people who bring salads or fruit and vegetable-based dishes to the barbecue that you go to so you think that you want to give protein, to make sure that the table is well rounded? Well, if you’re interested in incorporating the obvious flavors of summer into the menu, then we are Really Suggest watching how the Little Spice Jar makes these delicious Hawaiian barbecue chicken meatballs.

15. Strawberry and goat cheese bruschetta

Strawberry and goat cheese bruschetta

Maybe you’d prefer to make something a little more gourmet regardless of the patio location of the party you’re attending, but you’re still in a hurry? Then you might just agree with how Homemade Hooplah makes this strawberry and goat cheese bruschetta that tastes fresh and light, like a summer breeze!

Do you have another favorite Fourth of July recipe that’s always a hit at parties but can’t find anything similar here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe in the comments section so we can try it too!

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